About Me

Here is our family, S at 3 months

So here goes…
My name is Andrea. I am 31 years old and live in Charlotte NC. I like going to concerts (especially country), reading, and working out (kind of), eating, driving with the windows down and music blaring, being barefoot, and laying on the couch all day watching a whole season of any TV show, having nothing to do and being really busy. I dislike racists, cats, mushrooms, olives, and the word panties.

Mark is my better half. We got married on August 31, 2008, after 8 amazing years of dating.  He was my first (and only) boyfriend, we never lived together until we got married, and spent the first 9 months of wedding bliss living with my parents…he is amazing!  I am loud and he is reserved, I am outgoing and he takes some time to warm up to people, I am (mildly) crazy/spastic and he is sensitive and smart. I am stubborn and argumentative and he is non confrontational and easy to get along with. I come from a large, loud Irish/Italian family and he comes from a small, southern family. I love dramas, sitcoms and (some) reality TV and he watches car shows, DIY Network, and anything sci fi. I like to go out and he is homebody. I am a light sleeper and an early riser, and Mark could sleep through a hurricane and is known to take naps and sleep till noon on his days off. Mark is creative and crafty and I am not. We both have the sense of humor of a 13 year old boy, love to try new things, trivia and visiting our favorite restaurants and ordering the same thing each time when we go. We laugh, cry and laugh until we cry together. He is my best friend and I could not ask for a better match.

We have two puppies named Opie (06/10) and Jax (11/10) and we welcomed our first child, Sawyer on April 6, 2013!

Being a mom has not changed the things I love (listed above) but has changed the amount of time I get to spend doing those things, as well as added a lot of new things.