Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 year in review

What better time to update my 2014 list than the last day of the year. Below is what I set out to accomplish this year, let's see where I stand.....I am a little scared

·Decorate the downstairs of house (paint, rugs, window treatments, hang pictures, etc.)

I have pinned the hell out of pillows, rugs, and window treatments for the family room, kitchen, and dining room. We have discussed a lot of ideas about how to make the entryway more useful but when it comes down to it....we have completed one item above: we had our downstairs painted in September. I don’t know why I have such a hard time pulling the trigger with decorating, I am just not always confident in my choices. For Christmas I asked for $$ to buy said pillows, rugs, and window treatments and I have asked my mom to help me pick the items out so maybe by the end of January this will be marked off my list, I am ready for my house to look like a home!

·Fix backyard (no more mud, all grass, maybe plants, garden, etc.)

We spent about $1200 on the backyard, to be completely honest I am not really sure what was done but I can tell you there is a lot more grass and a lot less mud, progress! We did not plant anything and we definitely are nowhere close to having a garden. We have a few patches if deadish grass and clovers that I would like to figure out how to "fix" and then maybe we can work on a natural area and teach the dogs to use it for the bathroom so the rest of the grass is not full of land mines! I am seeing a pattern here...2 out of 4 isn’t that bad, right?

·Get our finances under control (get a system that works, spend less than we make, put into savings, have fund for house projects)

Nope....ha! I am not going to even try to spin this in our favor, we have about $5000 on a credit card and that is our only debt (besides the mortgage) so we are not bad off BUT I would like to have no debt and actually be putting money into our savings account to get it to a level where investing it would be worthwhile for our future. We still spend more than we make most months, struggle weekly to not dip into savings, buy things we don't need and eat out when lazy.

Here are a few things we have done and are going to do....

1. Refinance our house, get rid of PMI and save $172/month (effective Jan 2015)

2. Use budgeting program (youneedabudget.com)

3. Get rid of cable and do netflix/amazon/hulu and hopefully save another $100 a month

4. Pay off CC (currently paying $400/month to this...car payment?!)

5. Get savings account to $$ worth investing (only need $5k more)

6. Put $3500 on FSA card for 2015 so when we get medical bills I am not scrambling to determine how to pay them or worrying about waiting one to two paychecks, all the $$ is already there (I think this will be a HUGE improvement for us!)

Currently, I handle all of our $$ and as you can see above I am not happy with the job I am doing. I think one key problem is Mark is not involved, I tell him "don’t use card anymore" or cringe every time we swipe at grocery store, etc. but I don’t think he really grasps where we are and how stressful it can be so now I am making it his problem too and maybe together we can work this out.

·Have one date night each month

If this said have one date night a year I would be good....sad! Mark and I have had a few dates this year and some stand out- anniversary dinner in Cashiers, Paint your Pet, and dinner and movie (first non-family babysitter) all of which were great! This is something we really need to focus more on and will in 2015. I will say that now that Mark works basically a m-f 7-4 gig we sit down at the table every night and have dinner together so I am going to count that as something :)

·Workout 4 times a week

I have not been able to do this every week of the year but I do consistently workout 3-4 times a week and have lost 12 pounds since January 2014, I know that is not a lot but for me (someone who loses weight 1000 times slower than others due to metabolic syndrome that is a HUGE accomplishment.) I can also tell a big difference in my clothes and feel stronger. Always a work in progress but I plan to continue with 9 Rounds.

·Eat gluten free (most of the time)

Nope...not even for a little bit. I have done some research on IIFYM and I think this is something I can do and I think this is something that is doable/maintainable/family friendly but it takes some time to get started, and I have been lazy and putting it off. This is on my list of things to get to in 2015.

·Have a BMI of under 26

No idea what my BMI is but I am sure it is not 26, work in progress!

That wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be, I am actually OK with the progress I have made, I know there are things that were not listed here that I did (or at least I am going to pretend like there is!) Sometimes...ok all the time I wish I had someone who could do these things for me- tell me what to eat and when...I can make the food, do the shopping, pay for it and go to the gym, someone to look at my design ideas, tell me they look good/make changes or give suggestions and go to store with me--again I will buy items I just need the push. Oh and the $ thing, I wish someone else would help me with this, I am at a loss and hope and pray our 2015 plan works because I cannot keep living paycheck to paycheck with the stress. Sounds like it all comes back to me wanting a life coach when really I just need to grow up and be an adult....don't you hate when you realize all your problems are your "fault" and you are the only one who can help you?

Bring it on 2015....let's rumble!

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