Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Family Pictures

While the whole family was in town to celebate S turning 1 we decided it would be a great time for some family pictures. So I called on Shannon Wilfong, who took S's newborn pics for the job. Of course I did not think about it until the last minute but thankfully she was able to squeeze us in. We met at Freedom Park on Sunday morning at 10:30am and it was unusually cold for April (considering it was 80 the day before) so we were all trying to look "Springy" and freezing our asses off, ha!

In 1.5 hours she took over 300 pictues. They are of S by himself, Emma by herself, S and Emma together, the Kelly family (Me, Mark and Sawyer), the Adams family (Kel, Mike and Emma), babies and grandparents, Kelly family and grandparents, Adams and grandparents, grandparents, the whole group, Dries kids, Dries kids plus spouses, all the girls, and on and on.

I just got the pictures in yesterday and they are AMAZING, these were some she posted on FB that we LOVED.

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