Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year, New You?

 am unsure if I actually subscribe to the notion “New Year, New You,” but it seems like every January I get excited for “the future” and always have a list of what I want to achieve and have a plan of how I will achieve it...then it’s February.

Every year it seems like my “list” is the same…lose weight, eat better, have a clean house, spend more time with family/friends, save money, spend better, focus on the positive, don’t sweat the small stuff, and on and on. I wish these things were not “resolutions,” I wish they were just a part of my life, I think that is the point but I just have not ever figured it out?!

This year my main goal would be to learn how to have better time management and to focus on the positive. The time management piece would solve a lot of the other items on the list (lose weight, eat better, have a clean house, spend more time with family/friends, save money, spend better) and if I do it all with a smile, then we are in business.


The reality is this… I do not have time to read blogs, books, etc. on how to be better at time management, if I did then I wouldn’t be writing this blog post. Most days I barely have time to shower, before falling asleep on the couch at 9:00pm.


I want a life coach, someone to come in and assess what reality looks like and make suggestions of how to make it better. Someone to tell me what to do, I want them to have read the books and blogs and use that knowledge on me….I want the easy way out, well not easy because I will be the one actually doing the work, I just don’t have time to do the ground work/research, etc.  I am really good at following direction when they are laid out for me.

I get so overwhelmed every time I think about all the things going on, all the balls in the air, all the things that need to be done, want to be done, have to be done, etc. When will I do them? How will I do them? How will I pay for them? What am I forgetting?

“How do people do this?” Is the question I ask myself all the time? I know they do, I see other people succeeding at it all the time, why am I not? Then I get down on myself for getting down on myself. I have a great life, I have a husband who I love, a wonderful son, 2 dogs, a roof over my head, a job I don’t hate going to, clothes that sometimes fit, a car, food on the table, and I could go on and on.

Since I am not going to get a life coach anytime soon, I guess this is a start.

I happened upon a blog the other day (Living Well and Spending Less) and decided to check out the Time Management tips. Here is what it suggested in the post “5 Time Management Tips that will Change Your Life”

1. List your priorities.

2. Set specific goals.

3. Eat that Frog.

4. Reset your habits.

5. Eliminate the unessential.      

More to come on when/how I will integrate this into my day to day

PS- If anyone of you reading this is a life coach and need a charity case, I am your girl!

PSS- This blog post took 4 days to write, ha!

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