Thursday, August 29, 2013

Playing catch up

August has been a GREAT month. Its almost over and we are entering my favorite season: football, I mean FALL!

We went on vacation from August 10-17 with my whole family and got my meet my neice, Emma!
Cute matching bloomers courtesy of Aunt Bugs

Sawyer is on a "schedule" and is now eating two servings of rice cereal daily! I say "schedule" because since both Mark and I work, we only see what he is like all day 2 days out of the week. On those two days though we know what he wants, when he wants it and we work together to get what we need to do done and make sure he is full, rested and HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! If there is one thing Mark and I have mastered figured out as parents, its bedtime. We take S upstairs around 6:30pm, he gets a bath on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays (or any other time he needs one), then its bottle, story, talk time (we tell him about our day) and bed. We place him down (on his back!) in his crob and he is rolled over on his side or stomach before we leave the room, he rolls around for a few minutes and then is out! Monday and Tuesday i had to wake him at 6:45am to get him ready for school, wednesday he was up around 5:45am and this morning he was up and chatting at 5:30am. He has slept through the night twice this week alone :) I love mornings with S, he is so happy and smily and giggly, he "talks" all the way to school!
Spirit week at school: western day, wacky tacky day, pj day and team sports day

4 month photo shoot

We got to spend a whole week together on vacation, the week we came back Mark had Wednesday and Thursday off and 2 shifts where he was off at 5:00pm and one where he was off at 6:00pm and this week he has Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday off and worked until 4:00pm yesterday and is of at 5:00pm tomorrow....I have been spoiled and will be sad when he starts his two weeks of late shifts again next week!

Mark and I celebrate 5 GLORIOUS years of marriage on Saturday, we are going to have Rusans for dinner and if we save room, maybe hit up TCBY out Charlotte, the Kellys are going out, ha!

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