Monday, July 8, 2013

Working for the weekend

We had a BUSY and GREAT week/weekend! Wednesday July 3rd is my MIL’s birthday, she attended Sawyer’s daycare parade and took pics for Mark and I (we were both working), then she brought little man home. Mark and I both got home from work around 5 and hung at the house until 6:15ish and headed to McHales where we met up with Erin and Ashley (SIL and niece) for dinner to celebrate my MIL’s birthday.  
Close up from the parade
Walking in the parade

See July 4th post for Thursdays doings.

Sawyer’s weekend started early because he played hooky from daycare on Friday. Erin (SIL) took the week off and asked to spend the day with him. She came over at 7:30am and headed out after we got home from work about 5:00pm. She sent us pictures and videos of him throughout the day, it was wonderful, I think he had a great time and he slept really well that night! Bugs joined us Friday night for dinner and spent the night, it was a huge help because mark and I were tasked with cleaning the house Saturday so she entertained Sawyer (maybe it was the other way around).

Saturday we dusted vacuumed, scrubbed, etc. the entire downstairs and gave the pups a bath too. We rewarded ourselves with dinner that night and went to our favorite chinese restaurant with my parents, Sawyer was fascinated by their aquarium.

I did not feel rewarded on Sunday when I woke up feeling hung over (I drank a Shirley Temple at dinner), it was awful, the feeling didn’t pass until about dinner time (headache, lethargy, stomach ache, etc.). My mom claims it’s the MSG, who knows?! I “toughed” it out and ran errands then did all the laundry while Mark grocery shopped and steam cleaned one of our couches. I hate cleaning but I don’t mind when I have someone to do it with or at least talk to while I am doing it. We then spent the rest of the afternoon in bed with sawyer and the pups taking pictures, watching Oprah’s Next Chapter and just relaxing. We met my family for dinner at Brick Tops to celebrate my mom’s birthday (officially it’s Tuesday but my dad will be out of town). We didn’t make it out of the restaurant without getting poured on.
Sawyer and Nony P at dinner


Mark works in retail so he only gets one weekend off a month so we always try to spend the whole weekend together working at the house, relaxing, and/or both. Laying on the couch after we got home from dinner and put Sawyer to bed I told Mark that even though we worked around the house most of the weekend I still had such a great time and he responded that is was because we felt like a family. He is right, now that I am back at work we will only have 3 days a month where all 3 of us can be together so we have to make the most out of it!
Family selfie
Looking forward to a BIG week ahead. We have family swinging through Charlotte on Wednesday night and they are going to come for dinner then I am getting my wisdom teeth pulled Friday morning, Mike will be babysitting me all day on Friday and then Bugs will be watching me and Sawyer Saturday and Sunday. Mark is off on Sunday so I hope I am feeling better and its sunny out so maybe we can have a family day at the pool!

And last but not least….LADY ADAMS IS DUE ON THE 11TH, we are patiently awaiting her arrival!!!


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