Thursday, July 18, 2013

Playing catch up

I started a post on 7.8.2013 about sawyer being 3 months and all the amazing things, changes, etc. and since then (10 days) so much has already changed. Here is what I had written on 7.8.

" You are 3 months old, how did this happen? I have no idea what your stats are because you don’t go to the doctor at 3 months but when we were there at 2 months you were 11 pounds 7 ounces and 23 inches long. You continue to outgrow clothes so I know you are growing fast. There have been so many changes; I don’t even know where to begin.

I went back to work, dropping you off at daycare that first day was rough; I cried a lot, you did not. I have been back 3 weeks now and we are slowly getting into a groove, I wouldn’t say that I love the groove but it is what it is (you will hate that saying when you are older and I use it instead of giving you an answer). You really like daycare, especially your morning teacher Miss Lauren, every time I say her name and when we get there and you hear her, you grin (do I sound jealous?).  I have no anxiety about dropping you off anymore, everyone there eats you up and you are always happy and content when I pick you up. We still have not mastered any sort of day to day schedule yet but our nights follow the same basic routine, one out of two isn’t bad. In the last week you have gone from a 9:00pm bedtime to a 7-7:30 sometimes 8pm bedtime, you are getting tired! I usually take you upstairs, change you and put you in your jammies, then we sit in the rocking chair and I give you a BIG bottle (6 oz, the actually bottle holds 9 or 10 and is bigger than your head), I talk to you and sometimes sing (you will hate that when you are old enough to know better too) and then just rock while you eat, you burp (like Bugs), we rock a little more and then I put you down. You are usually awake but sleepy when I put you down and you get yourself to bed soon after. I have read in all the blogs, books, magazines, etc this is what we are supposed to do and it will help whenever we made any other bedtime transitions (fingers crossed). You are only up once now anytime between 1am-330pm and then back to bed (sometimes) until 6ish. The back to bed part you used to be so great at but now it’s a struggle, last week one night we were up from 2:30am on and then the next day it was 4:30am on, then we had 2 great nights and then last night you lost your mind from 3:30am-4:30am. "
What I want to add today is that you are now sleeping in your own room and YOU ROLL OVER (from stomach to back). You did it on Saturday while Bugs was watching you and she got it on video, your dad and i watch it over and over, you have since done it for us, Nony and daycare. Truly amazing.

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