Monday, July 8, 2013

July Fourth

Mark had to work 9:00am-6:00pm on the 4th (BOO!) Sawyer and I headed to the pool. My little brother (Mike) lives in an apartment complex that has a pool that is always empty and somewhat shady so it was perfect. We met my little sister (Bugs) and my mom there and spent the afternoon swimming, sunning and napping (at least Sawyer did). After the pool Sawyer and I went to visit Mark at work and almost made it home without hitting a HUGE storm, luckily I had a towel I could cover the car seat with or our little guy would have been soaked all over again. I made hamburger steak for dinner and we just hung out and tried keeping the pups from barking while people in the area set off fireworks until god knows when…..I am all about fireworks but please stop at 10:00pm so we can sleep!


Bugs and Sawyer

First dip in the pool
Enjoying a nap in the sun

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