Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm an AUNT

To the cutest baby girl. Emma Quinn Adams joined the ranks of our crazy family on Saturday afternoon after a long and active birth. I cannot wait to meet her on August 10th, the count down is on!

Wisdom Teeth

I had my wisdom teeth removed (all 4) on Friday the 12th, with every intention of going back to work on Monday morning, I had my brother, mom and sister coming over the weekend to help take care of me and Sawyer, it was going to be a nice relaxing weekend…NOT AT ALL.

 After surgery, I came home, ate a frosty, slept a little. Pain was minor and just mainly uncomfortable because of all the gauze. Saturday I woke up, went to a garage sale up the street, ran an errand and just relaxed around the house, I was slightly uncomfortable but pain was not too bad, I continued to take the meds and ate my soft foods. Sunday my cheek was beginning to swell and bruise and be a bit more painful, I napped in the early afternoon and then we took Sawyer to the pool. By midafternoon I was in a lot of pain, my cheek was now very hard and the size of a golf ball, by Monday the pain was unbearable and my face was the size of a baseball. I consider myself to have a very high pain tolerance and Sunday night/Monday morning I was delirious with pain/fever. I saw the doctor Monday morning and was told I had an infection; I was given another type of antibiotics and better pain meds. I stayed home Monday and my mom took care of me, I was able to nap and finally by late afternoon/evening feel some relief in pain. I stayed home on Tuesday also, this time I was by myself, I spent most of the day fighting of nausea which I finally lost the battle too around 2;30pm when I got sick in the sink (imagine a cartoon character projectile vomit) it was awful!

I went back to work on Wednesday and was not ready, I could barely keep myself awake at my desk and was in pain all day, luckily my brother and his roommate met me at home after work and took care of sawyer so I could rest. I “napped” from 5-7, when they left, did some light cleaning, ate dinner, said hi to mark (he got home from work at 830ish) and was back in ben around 930, he manned sawyer and I slept until 6am. I am still in a lot of pain, my face is still swollen and bruised but it is definitely getting better. I hope to be back to normal by next week….on a lighter note, I can almost fit into some of my pre prego clothes I had not been able to before, the liquid diet is really working.

Playing catch up

I started a post on 7.8.2013 about sawyer being 3 months and all the amazing things, changes, etc. and since then (10 days) so much has already changed. Here is what I had written on 7.8.

" You are 3 months old, how did this happen? I have no idea what your stats are because you don’t go to the doctor at 3 months but when we were there at 2 months you were 11 pounds 7 ounces and 23 inches long. You continue to outgrow clothes so I know you are growing fast. There have been so many changes; I don’t even know where to begin.

I went back to work, dropping you off at daycare that first day was rough; I cried a lot, you did not. I have been back 3 weeks now and we are slowly getting into a groove, I wouldn’t say that I love the groove but it is what it is (you will hate that saying when you are older and I use it instead of giving you an answer). You really like daycare, especially your morning teacher Miss Lauren, every time I say her name and when we get there and you hear her, you grin (do I sound jealous?).  I have no anxiety about dropping you off anymore, everyone there eats you up and you are always happy and content when I pick you up. We still have not mastered any sort of day to day schedule yet but our nights follow the same basic routine, one out of two isn’t bad. In the last week you have gone from a 9:00pm bedtime to a 7-7:30 sometimes 8pm bedtime, you are getting tired! I usually take you upstairs, change you and put you in your jammies, then we sit in the rocking chair and I give you a BIG bottle (6 oz, the actually bottle holds 9 or 10 and is bigger than your head), I talk to you and sometimes sing (you will hate that when you are old enough to know better too) and then just rock while you eat, you burp (like Bugs), we rock a little more and then I put you down. You are usually awake but sleepy when I put you down and you get yourself to bed soon after. I have read in all the blogs, books, magazines, etc this is what we are supposed to do and it will help whenever we made any other bedtime transitions (fingers crossed). You are only up once now anytime between 1am-330pm and then back to bed (sometimes) until 6ish. The back to bed part you used to be so great at but now it’s a struggle, last week one night we were up from 2:30am on and then the next day it was 4:30am on, then we had 2 great nights and then last night you lost your mind from 3:30am-4:30am. "
What I want to add today is that you are now sleeping in your own room and YOU ROLL OVER (from stomach to back). You did it on Saturday while Bugs was watching you and she got it on video, your dad and i watch it over and over, you have since done it for us, Nony and daycare. Truly amazing.

Monday, July 8, 2013

July Fourth

Mark had to work 9:00am-6:00pm on the 4th (BOO!) Sawyer and I headed to the pool. My little brother (Mike) lives in an apartment complex that has a pool that is always empty and somewhat shady so it was perfect. We met my little sister (Bugs) and my mom there and spent the afternoon swimming, sunning and napping (at least Sawyer did). After the pool Sawyer and I went to visit Mark at work and almost made it home without hitting a HUGE storm, luckily I had a towel I could cover the car seat with or our little guy would have been soaked all over again. I made hamburger steak for dinner and we just hung out and tried keeping the pups from barking while people in the area set off fireworks until god knows when…..I am all about fireworks but please stop at 10:00pm so we can sleep!


Bugs and Sawyer

First dip in the pool
Enjoying a nap in the sun

Working for the weekend

We had a BUSY and GREAT week/weekend! Wednesday July 3rd is my MIL’s birthday, she attended Sawyer’s daycare parade and took pics for Mark and I (we were both working), then she brought little man home. Mark and I both got home from work around 5 and hung at the house until 6:15ish and headed to McHales where we met up with Erin and Ashley (SIL and niece) for dinner to celebrate my MIL’s birthday.  
Close up from the parade
Walking in the parade

See July 4th post for Thursdays doings.

Sawyer’s weekend started early because he played hooky from daycare on Friday. Erin (SIL) took the week off and asked to spend the day with him. She came over at 7:30am and headed out after we got home from work about 5:00pm. She sent us pictures and videos of him throughout the day, it was wonderful, I think he had a great time and he slept really well that night! Bugs joined us Friday night for dinner and spent the night, it was a huge help because mark and I were tasked with cleaning the house Saturday so she entertained Sawyer (maybe it was the other way around).

Saturday we dusted vacuumed, scrubbed, etc. the entire downstairs and gave the pups a bath too. We rewarded ourselves with dinner that night and went to our favorite chinese restaurant with my parents, Sawyer was fascinated by their aquarium.

I did not feel rewarded on Sunday when I woke up feeling hung over (I drank a Shirley Temple at dinner), it was awful, the feeling didn’t pass until about dinner time (headache, lethargy, stomach ache, etc.). My mom claims it’s the MSG, who knows?! I “toughed” it out and ran errands then did all the laundry while Mark grocery shopped and steam cleaned one of our couches. I hate cleaning but I don’t mind when I have someone to do it with or at least talk to while I am doing it. We then spent the rest of the afternoon in bed with sawyer and the pups taking pictures, watching Oprah’s Next Chapter and just relaxing. We met my family for dinner at Brick Tops to celebrate my mom’s birthday (officially it’s Tuesday but my dad will be out of town). We didn’t make it out of the restaurant without getting poured on.
Sawyer and Nony P at dinner


Mark works in retail so he only gets one weekend off a month so we always try to spend the whole weekend together working at the house, relaxing, and/or both. Laying on the couch after we got home from dinner and put Sawyer to bed I told Mark that even though we worked around the house most of the weekend I still had such a great time and he responded that is was because we felt like a family. He is right, now that I am back at work we will only have 3 days a month where all 3 of us can be together so we have to make the most out of it!
Family selfie
Looking forward to a BIG week ahead. We have family swinging through Charlotte on Wednesday night and they are going to come for dinner then I am getting my wisdom teeth pulled Friday morning, Mike will be babysitting me all day on Friday and then Bugs will be watching me and Sawyer Saturday and Sunday. Mark is off on Sunday so I hope I am feeling better and its sunny out so maybe we can have a family day at the pool!

And last but not least….LADY ADAMS IS DUE ON THE 11TH, we are patiently awaiting her arrival!!!


Sawyer is 3 months old!