Thursday, June 6, 2013

Weekend review (Part one)

Sawyer and I (and my mom and Bugs) headed north this past weekend to celebrate Kel, Mike and Lady Adams’ upcoming arrival. We flew into Newark on Thursday and spent the night at Kel and Mike’s new condo in Hoboken.

I was super nervous about breastfeeding in public and people being annoyed by me and all the “stuff” I had to go through security with but we were lucky and the airport was not that crowded and we got through security without a hitch and I had Bugs help me with coverage. Sawyer’s first plane ride was a success! He slept in the airport until we boarded and then I was able to breast feed him for the first half of flight, he was then full and happy the remainder of the trip. We only had a small hiccup…instead of getting off place, boarding tram to baggage and picking up our checked bags, we went straight to the rental car place. Thankfully as we were walking into Hertz I said, “shouldn’t we have picked up our bags first?” we all laughed and had to go all the back to baggage, which meant getting on and off the tram 4 times with a hungry baby. It would have been much worse to have arrived in Hoboken and realized we did not have our luggage!

Aunt Maria and Aunt Jeanne met us in Hoboken to have dinner. The condo is beautiful and Hoboken is a really cool town. Kel had to work on Friday so we took our time waking up and getting moving on Friday morning before heading to Mahwah for lunch at Aunt Jeanne’s. She got us boxed lunched from Panera and we sat outside in her garden eating and catching up, we were joined by my mom’s best friend from growing up, Debbie, she and my Aunt Jeanne have become close over the past few years.

After lunch we packed up and headed into Ho-Ho-Kus to the Russo’s. Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Louis, and Chris and Charlie joined us for an amazing dinner. Marcus was fascinated by Sawyer and it was hilarious watching him hold Sawyer and freak out every time he farted because he thought he was getting pooped on!

Kel let me borrow some items she had received at her showers so me and Sawyer were comfortable on the trip.

Aunt Maria, Me, Chris and Sawyer, Aunt Carolyn

Aunt Jeanne meeting Sawyer for the first time

Sawyer enjoying Lady Adams’ Boppy Lounger

Sleeping in Lady Adams’s Rock N Play Sleeper outside in Aunt Jeanne’s garden

Me and Sawyer on the plane

Marcus and Sawyer

Aunt Jeanne and Sawyer
Sawyer enjoying a bath in Lady Adams’ tub (since he had a blow out!)

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