Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weekend review (part 2)

3 weeks late…

Saturday we packed up and headed to CT to my sister’s MIL’s house, where her and her 2 daughters were  hard at work getting everything perfect for Kel’s arrival. The shower was great; it was Mike’s family, our family and a few close family friends. She received so many amazing gifts, I cannot believe how well dressed her little lady will be. The shower winded down between  4-5 and we stayed to clean up, Sawyer was very tired but unable to get himself any rest so by that time he had just had it. We were spending the night at the Fieldings, just two towns and 15 minutes away, he cried screamed the whole way there and until about 930pm, he finally went to bed around 11:30pm and we were up promptly at 6ish. Kel and Mike came over for breakfast (French toast, yum!) and coffee and then we headed to south jersey to visit my dad’s side. We stayed with my Aunt Maureen, she had a nice spread out and some aunts, cousins and grandma came over, we sat around the table and talked and ate. I was able to meet my cousin’s son who is 10 months old, I cannot believe how quickly babies grow and that sawyer will be there in 8 months! Sunday night Sawyer refused to sleep and I think we both only got about an hour or two. Monday was another travel day and he was perfect, slept the entire flight home.

I was glad to be home, excited to see mark and thankful that the traveling was all over!

This is how we "slept" on Sunday night

Grandma Kitty meeting Sawyer, he is her 2nd great grand child

Katie, Kate, Mike, Kel, Me & Sawyer, Mary

Mom's side of the family

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