Friday, June 7, 2013

Update to "the list"

When I started this blog over 2 years ago below was the list I made about the things I wanted to accomplish prior to turning 30.  I updated it in March 2012 (turned 30 in May 2012), with each passing year and the changes to our lives the list will need some updating.

  1. Dress for my body type
  2. Get a hair style
  3. Lose 30 pounds
  4. Learn about mother/parenthood
  5. Learn to like gardening
  6. Home décor/organization
  7. Keep my house clean
  8. Stay up until 11 and not be tired in the morning
  9. Ride my bike I have been riding the stationary bike we bought!
  10. Have patience
  11. Cook
  12. Coupon
  13. Bake
  14. Menu plan
  15. Grammer
  16. Stop swearing
  17. Minimize road rage
  18. Wake up without being sleepy
  19. Be more DIY projects
First things first, since becoming a parent I have realized completing anything is harder and slower so I need to set fewer and more realistic goals.

1. Workout at least 3 times a week
2. Cut down on my swearing
3. Minimize road rage
4. Lose 50 pounds by the time Sawyer is 2
5. Complete one house project annually
6. Keep house clean/organized with one deep clean a month
7. Read to Sawyer everyday
8. Reach our savings goal by the time Sawyer is 2
9. Be more DIY projects

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