Friday, June 21, 2013

These are the days of our lives

My schedule after work:

Leave work 415

Pick up sawyer 430

Bring sawyer inside 450

Let the dogs out 455-500

Empty car 456

Pump 15 minutes 5-515

Wash all bottles/pump items from the day 515-530

Let dogs out again 530-545

Put away clean dishes from night before/clear all kitchen counter space 545-600

Hang with sawyer/manage pups 6-630

Nurse 630-7

Make dinner 7-730

Feed pups 730

Eat dinner 730-745

Clean up from dinner/Mark comes home 745-800

Bathe sawyer 8-815

Nurse 815-845

Put sawyer to bed 845-930

Pump 930-945

Clean bottles from pumping 945-10

Make bottles for next day 945-10

Make lunch for next day 945-10

Try to stay up for an hour or so to spend time with mark 10-1030

Bed 1030-2

Nurse 2-245

Bed 3-6

At some point in here i also try to take a shower and lay out clothes for the next day.
Wake up and do it all over again….
I need a better schedule. One in which I can excersise, have some me time, sit down and put my feet up for a little bit, clean house, etc. suggestions are welcome!

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