Thursday, June 20, 2013

Breastfeeding (title really jumps out and makes you want to read, right?)

It’s a lot of work…

When I was home I felt like I could only be away from the house for a few hours at a time and I am being generous using “few” vs. “couple”.   Sawyer eats every 3ish hours with usually one longer stretch during the day (4-5 hours)  and one longer stretch during the night (4-5 hours) , nursing takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on his mood/motivation and I am really only comfortable doing it at my house in the chair and a half or glider.

When stating a child eats every 3 hours, that is from the start of the 3 hours, so if he eats for 45 minutes, then you burp him and make sure he is content, feeding will start again in about 1.5-2 hours. I have heard and read that as a child gets older and is more comfortable with nursing they get “better” at it, meaning what used to be a 45 minute nursing session could be 15-20 minutes….when is this supposed to happen? Does this actually happen?

There are times where I know he would just go on and on if I allowed it but I have to cut him off and then I feel bad and I am concerned he is not getting enough food. I love the idea of bottle feeding because I know exactly how much he is eating but when I pump it is very inconsistent how much I am going to get. Sometimes there is 4 hours from one pump to the next with no breastfeeding in between and I will get 4 ounces and sometimes I will get 1 ounce…what is with that? Sometimes I get so angry at my body for not cooperating, why can’t Ijust produce 3-4 ounces every time I pump?! It makes me wonder if I was breastfeeding instead of pumping he would only get an ounce…is that possible?

I have so many questions and I feel like lactation consultants and the internet never provide me with an answer, general responses are “your body makes what it needs to make, its supply and demand” or better yet, “let the baby guide you”…my response “ he is a baby, what does he know? He would stay on the boob all day if I let him, doesn’t mean he is hungry or actually eating?!

 I will do my best to continue breastfeeding for the first year of Sawyer’s life because its FREE and the “BEST” option for him (I put that in quotes because I know that is what we read but I honestly believe that in this day and age formula is probably just as good AND I think that sometimes what is best for mom and family sanity is best for baby too).

Ahhhh , am I alone?

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