Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Back to life, back to reality

I went back to work yesterday and Sawyer had his first day at daycare. The morning started at 5:22am when Sawyer woke up, I fed him, changed him and dressed him for his big day. He was happy to lay back down in the pack and play and make noise while Mark and I got ready. I then brushed my teeth, washed my face, put makeup on (for the 5th time since April 6, 2013), got dressed and headed downstairs. I packed the car with my work bag, lunch box and Sawyer’s daycare bag, let the dogs out (they were very confused why I was waking them up so early and letting them out) and we headed on our way. I cried the whole way to daycare, most of the time we were inside and my whole way to work, not to mention the 10 minutes I sat in my car sobbing before actually walking into work. I know he was going to be fine, obviously we love the daycare or we wouldn’t have chosen it but it was still hard and very sad. While I sit at my desk (still have not geared up to a full case load and I am killing some time before clocking out at 4:15pm) it makes me teary eyed….

I picked him up after work and they told me he was great, happy and had no issues (I think since it was his first day, even if he was fussy, crying, etc. I would want them to tell me he was great). He took 3 naps, one for 5 minute, one for 15 minutes and one for 2 hours and 40 minutes, needless to say I thought he would go home, eat and crash…not quite. We went home and let the dogs out, unpacked the car, changed into comfy clothes and checked the mail, I fed him and he was sleepy so I put him in his swing, he slept there for about 15 minutes but then sat quietly for another 30 while I cleaned the kitchen and unloaded the dishwasher. He began to get fussy around 6:15pm and so I held him, rocked him, talked to him and let him have his paci, he went in and out of sleepiness so I decided to feed him again at 7:30pm hoping it would put him to sleep, I was right but it did not last, he was back up and going around 8:15pm, we sat, rocked, etc. until about 9:00pm and when at this point he seemed wide awake I took him down to the swing so I could shower. When I got out of shower it was about 9:30pm and he was almost asleep in the swing, I took him out, he woke up, I fed him about 10 minutes on both sides, changed him and put him down…finally he was asleep at 10:00pm….luckily he slept until 3:40am, he ate and was back asleep at 4:11am but wouldn’t you know he was up and ready to roll at 5:22am (again!), I on the other hand was not so I picked him up, laid him on my chest, gave him his paci and he was back to sleep in no time. I got him up at 6:00am, fed him and handed him over to Mark. Our plan is for Mark to bring him to daycare daily between 8-8:30am except for the days he has off during the week (so he can sleep in), those days I will bring him around 7:30am. I will pick him up daily at 4:30pm, except on Mark’s days off, he will pick up whenever and I will have the afternoon for the gym, errands, etc.

I am hoping today/tonight will be better and I can feed him, bathe him and get him to bed by 9:00pm…fingers crossed! I am really hopeful that daycare will help with getting him on a schedule and getting closer to him sleeping through the night, or at least 5-6 hour stretches consistently so that I can too.
I am so thankful for to all my family and friends who wrote on my FB wall, texted and called me yesterday with words of encouragement, LOVE!

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