Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weekend review

This weekend we had a lot to celebrate. Mike (brother) graduating from his masters program, mother's day and my birthday (31). Our weekend started on Thursday night when Bugs and Izzie spent the night. Kelly flew in early on Friday morning and after picking her up from the airport we (Bugs, Kel, Sawyer and I) all headed over to St. Patricks for show and tell (we were the show), the kids loved us! They were all able to come over and look at Sawyer and ask us questions, things they wanted to know: where we were born, where we we baptised, how old are we, etc. We then met up with P at the mall and had eye treatments at the Estee Lauder counter (she had a coupon). Mike (BIL) arrived around 5:30pm and we picked him up from airport before heading to dinner at Portofinos.

Saturday we got mani/pedis, took a walk, relaxed and all had dinner at our house, the boys golfed and Bugs went to Beer, Bourben and BBQ. On Sunday, Mark made us all breakfast and we relaxed at home until late afternoon and then all headed over to P & B's for dinner. We had some extra "family" at dinner, Bugs' roommate Megan (we share a birthday), Chris and Leslie (Mike's roommate).

It was so great seeing Kel and Mike interact with Sawyer, they are going to be GREAT parents.  We are all so excited for the arrival of Baby Adams in July.

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