Friday, May 3, 2013

Special Visitor

My best friend, Meredith came to visit last weekend. She arrived on Saturday afternoon and left on Monday morning. We relaxed, we ate, we drank (wine, yum!), we ran errands, we watched movies, and she held and loved all over Sawyer. We determined the last visit we had that was just the two of us was in October 2011, when I went to Mount Pleasant for her baby shower.

As we get older and our lives evolve (jobs, husbands, babies) we don't have as much time to spend together and just relax. We both always say we wish we lived in the same city because she is the only friend I feel like I could call and ask to come sit on my couch while I clean my house, etc.

Miss her already.


  1. Until Meredith decides to move back I would be happy to sit on your sofa while you clean your house.

    1. Thanks, I may take you up on that. My weekends are lonely while mark is working!

  2. I'm finally catching up on your blog and now I'm crying. I've missed you so much (always) and especially since my visit. times I wish we had more often... my "just come over" friend and we have 3 hours between us...but since I'm here, I guess I'll allow April to be my replacement ;) just dont forget I'm still here even when I cant be there! 143-233