Sunday, February 10, 2013

One down, 11 to go!

Holy SH** its February! Where has the time gone. I definetly do not think that I accomplished everything  needed to in January, did I accomplish anything?

Pretty much my entire pregnancy I have said "we will take care of that at the beginning of the year" with the thought that we had so much time....well here we are one whole month down in the new year and I am not sure we have done anything. haha

I sometimes think we have accomplished a lot and then sometimes I think we are so behind. Below is a checklist I found on

Your Third Trimester Tasks


Month 7

·                                 Develop your birth plan.

·                                 Make sure you know the signs of premature labor.

·                                 Decide who will be in the delivery room with you.

·                                 Buy your baby's crib and mattress

T                      Time to get your stroller!

·                                 Breast or bottle? Know all your feeding options.

·                                 Get tested for gestational diabetes.

·                                 Learn what your belly's size says about your baby.

·                                 Have baby clothes and necessities ready

Month 8

·                                 Attend your baby shower. (And get the thank you notes out of the way as soon as possible!)

·                                 Expecting a boy? Study up on circumcision

·                                 Pack your bag

·                                 Shop for and learn how to install your car seat.

·                                 Put together a family first aid kit.

·                                 Buy your diaper bag, and stock up on diapering essentials.

·                                 Buy a high chair.

·                                 Attend your childbirth class.

·                                 Build your email/phone tree for sharing the birth of your baby!

·                                 Shop for a nursing bra.

Month 9

·                                 Find out what to expect during the last weeks of your pregnancy.
·                                 Study up on newborn vaccines and find out what's best for your baby.
·                                 Talk to your doctor about Baby's position and how it may impact childbirth.

·                                 Finalize your baby name selections.

·                                 Pick out your baby announcements and thank you notes. (And address those envelopes now since time will be    at a premium soon!)
                                   Buy a baby sling or baby carrier.

·                                 Know your contractions. Recognize the differences between Braxton-Hicks contractions and true labor.

·                                 Prepare yourself for labor and delivery.
·                                 Wash and put away your baby's new clothes.

·                                 Prepare for the weeks after you give birth.

·                                 Figure out how you feel about inducing labor. Learn the pros and cons.

·                                 Relax and enjoy the last days before delivery!

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