Saturday, January 5, 2013

25 Week Update

Sleep: I toss and turn all night and have to get up to pee at least 4-5 times, getting in and out of bed has gotten a little harder also

Maternity Clothes: Haven't had much luck finding a lot that i like and that I am willing to buy, so I wear the same things over and over

Food cravings: I really don't have much of an appetite, especially at dinnertime.  This is so strange to me because I have always has LOVED to eat!

Food aversions: Preparing/cooking chicken

Symptoms: Low back pain

Doctor’s Appointment: I have an ultrasound and sugar test scheduled for 1.15

Gender: Its a surprise!

Movement: Baby Kelly is becoming more and more active, Mark felt it for the first time about a week ago, pretty amazing
Belly Button: I think its getting wider

What I’m looking forward to: Marking somethings off my baby to do list

What I miss:  The ability to move around with ease

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