Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cry it out

Sawyer will be 7 months tomorrow. Sawyer does not “sleep through the night” every night. Sawyer can “sleep through the night” and has on multiple occasions, sometimes a week at a time.

I have said before that I have not read any baby book that has not really changed. Honestly, I just don’t find baby books written by a doctor to be very interesting, I don’t want to know the history behind things, read about statistics, etc.  I just want quick and simple answers from real parents to complicated questions (every baby is different, blah blah blah)….geez, is that so hard?! So how do I get my information….Facebook of course!

Note- Sawyer goes to bed each night between 6:00pm-7:00pm. Our routine is simple: I pick up around 4:30pm, home around 4:45pm, we play 5:00pm-6:00/6:30pm, we eat food in the highchair then head upstairs where on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday (and any other day its needed) we take a bath, have a bottle, read a story, say goodnight and then he goes down (awake of course). He babbles, sometimes whines for a minute or two and then is out like a light, so I was solely seeking advice regarding how to keep him from waking/waking me up in the middle of the night.

PS- My definition of sleep through the night—going to bed at a reasonable time (6:30pm-7:30pm) and waking up at a reasonable time (6:30am-7:30am…or later if he would prefer)

So after thinking about it, not really hard because since he doesn’t “sleep through the night”, I don’t either…so thinking is hard.  I decided I would give it a try. Based on all the responses I figured it would take 3 nights and we would be good to go.


Night one (10.31)

Sawyer woke at 3:00am and was just making small noises, I turned the monitor’s sound off and rolled over. I set my alarm for 20 minutes to see if he was still up and making noise or if he was back to sleep. 20 minutes later…. he was SCREAMING. I went in and rubbed his belly, shhhh'd him, sang songs, etc. until he had stopped crying/screaming (about 5 minutes), then I left the room, he immediately started screaming again.  I was going to wait 5 minutes before returning (to do the same as before), at minute 4 he rolled to side and by minute 5 he was asleep. I would say that night one was a success.


Night two (11.1)

Sawyer fell asleep in car on the way home from daycare and so I put him down when we got home, he slept until we woke him up around 9:30pm, we fed him bottle and cuddled for about an hour and he went back down at 10:30pm and slept until 6:30am.


Night three (11.2)

We went to a Halloween party and Sawyer took late afternoon nap (3:30pm-6:30pm) we stayed out until 9:00pm and got home, fed bottle, read story and he was out until 5:50am (remember time change so really 6:50am).


Night four (11.3)

Sawyer went down around 6:30pm and woke up SCREAMING at 11:45pm, I had decided that if he woke up that night I would comfort him and feed him since he was sick (went to urgent care of Saturday, he has ear infection and has been feeling pretty crappy). I gave him bottle and he went back to sleep until 5:45am.


Night five (11.4)

I heard Sawyer at 2:07am, I  got up and turned monitor sound off, rolled over and went back to sleep, I woke up again at 2:44am and looked at monitor and he was back to sleep.


And so it continues…

Here is the post that inspired 32 comments (I felt really special) thank you to all of those who commented and provided suggestions....it really does take a village :)


I don’t know about you, but I daydream constantly. One of my favorite daydreams is about my dream job. I would love to own an event venue where I would serve as the event planner for the space. I would do weddings, parties, meetings, showers, reunions, etc.

It would have a beautiful interior space that would be suitable for different types of affairs; simple and elegant and allow for dressing up for every look and feel. The grounds surrounding the building would be luscious with a garden, some big trees, and plenty of open space.


Sometimes it is so nice to dream….


Monday, October 14, 2013

FALL...it's the most wonderful time of the year!

I know that song is a Christmas song, but, I truly believe that FALL is the most wonderful time of the year. The weather is cool and crisp (or should be), the leaves are turning colors, I can wear shirts with sleeves and not die of heat stroke, football is on, and of course....HALLOWEEN, I could go on and on.

Last week was pretty breezy and chilly in the morning, it warms up as the day goes on but fall is definitely here, hopefully to stay. I set up all my fall decorations the last weekend of September, we have a canister of pumpkin spice coffee, my Sundays are reserved for weekly grocery trip, prepping our crock pot dinner and football.

The Race for the Cure is always the first Saturday in October; it officially kicks off the fall season. This year I raised $1025.00, yeah! Sawyer and I walked with some people from my work, I was not able to meet up with my normal group (LKN ZTA) but we still had a great time, this event is special to my heart, it reminds how precious life is, and how many people are affected by breast cancer.

On the 6th we had people over to watch the Panthers game, some of our friend’s brought their kids and it was really fun seeing them play with all of Sawyer’s stuff (they were 5, 4, 3 and 2). They also brought us a lot of loot for S, he will be clothed at this point up to 2T! Thank goodness for good friends and hand me downs.
Sawyer went to the doctor on Monday the 7th for his 6 month checkup, he is weighing in at 16 pounds and 12 ounces and 26.50’’, and it’s amazing how much he has grown. He received 4 immunizations and part 1 of 2 for the flu shot, he cried for only 2 minutes and then was fine. He has two bottom teeth that are poking through and we will start fruits, veggies and water next week. I think we have finally turned a corner in his sleeping, he is down between 630-7 and I wake him around 630-645 most morning to get up and head to school. Last week he slept through the night more nights than not, and if he is not, its up once for a bottle between 1-4, not to bad!

We have different activites/event planned every weekend from now until Thankgiving and I am so excited to see friends and catch up....I just love FALL!


Monday, September 9, 2013

5 Months

Our little man is 5 months old. I cannot believe how fast it has flow by....doesn't everyone say that? He will be sitting up by himself before I know it, sometimes I wish for that because I think it would make life much easier but at the same time, I hate to wish this time away.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Playing catch up

August has been a GREAT month. Its almost over and we are entering my favorite season: football, I mean FALL!

We went on vacation from August 10-17 with my whole family and got my meet my neice, Emma!
Cute matching bloomers courtesy of Aunt Bugs

Sawyer is on a "schedule" and is now eating two servings of rice cereal daily! I say "schedule" because since both Mark and I work, we only see what he is like all day 2 days out of the week. On those two days though we know what he wants, when he wants it and we work together to get what we need to do done and make sure he is full, rested and HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! If there is one thing Mark and I have mastered figured out as parents, its bedtime. We take S upstairs around 6:30pm, he gets a bath on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays (or any other time he needs one), then its bottle, story, talk time (we tell him about our day) and bed. We place him down (on his back!) in his crob and he is rolled over on his side or stomach before we leave the room, he rolls around for a few minutes and then is out! Monday and Tuesday i had to wake him at 6:45am to get him ready for school, wednesday he was up around 5:45am and this morning he was up and chatting at 5:30am. He has slept through the night twice this week alone :) I love mornings with S, he is so happy and smily and giggly, he "talks" all the way to school!
Spirit week at school: western day, wacky tacky day, pj day and team sports day

4 month photo shoot

We got to spend a whole week together on vacation, the week we came back Mark had Wednesday and Thursday off and 2 shifts where he was off at 5:00pm and one where he was off at 6:00pm and this week he has Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday off and worked until 4:00pm yesterday and is of at 5:00pm tomorrow....I have been spoiled and will be sad when he starts his two weeks of late shifts again next week!

Mark and I celebrate 5 GLORIOUS years of marriage on Saturday, we are going to have Rusans for dinner and if we save room, maybe hit up TCBY also....watch out Charlotte, the Kellys are going out, ha!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm an AUNT

To the cutest baby girl. Emma Quinn Adams joined the ranks of our crazy family on Saturday afternoon after a long and active birth. I cannot wait to meet her on August 10th, the count down is on!

Wisdom Teeth

I had my wisdom teeth removed (all 4) on Friday the 12th, with every intention of going back to work on Monday morning, I had my brother, mom and sister coming over the weekend to help take care of me and Sawyer, it was going to be a nice relaxing weekend…NOT AT ALL.

 After surgery, I came home, ate a frosty, slept a little. Pain was minor and just mainly uncomfortable because of all the gauze. Saturday I woke up, went to a garage sale up the street, ran an errand and just relaxed around the house, I was slightly uncomfortable but pain was not too bad, I continued to take the meds and ate my soft foods. Sunday my cheek was beginning to swell and bruise and be a bit more painful, I napped in the early afternoon and then we took Sawyer to the pool. By midafternoon I was in a lot of pain, my cheek was now very hard and the size of a golf ball, by Monday the pain was unbearable and my face was the size of a baseball. I consider myself to have a very high pain tolerance and Sunday night/Monday morning I was delirious with pain/fever. I saw the doctor Monday morning and was told I had an infection; I was given another type of antibiotics and better pain meds. I stayed home Monday and my mom took care of me, I was able to nap and finally by late afternoon/evening feel some relief in pain. I stayed home on Tuesday also, this time I was by myself, I spent most of the day fighting of nausea which I finally lost the battle too around 2;30pm when I got sick in the sink (imagine a cartoon character projectile vomit) it was awful!

I went back to work on Wednesday and was not ready, I could barely keep myself awake at my desk and was in pain all day, luckily my brother and his roommate met me at home after work and took care of sawyer so I could rest. I “napped” from 5-7, when they left, did some light cleaning, ate dinner, said hi to mark (he got home from work at 830ish) and was back in ben around 930, he manned sawyer and I slept until 6am. I am still in a lot of pain, my face is still swollen and bruised but it is definitely getting better. I hope to be back to normal by next week….on a lighter note, I can almost fit into some of my pre prego clothes I had not been able to before, the liquid diet is really working.

Playing catch up

I started a post on 7.8.2013 about sawyer being 3 months and all the amazing things, changes, etc. and since then (10 days) so much has already changed. Here is what I had written on 7.8.

" You are 3 months old, how did this happen? I have no idea what your stats are because you don’t go to the doctor at 3 months but when we were there at 2 months you were 11 pounds 7 ounces and 23 inches long. You continue to outgrow clothes so I know you are growing fast. There have been so many changes; I don’t even know where to begin.

I went back to work, dropping you off at daycare that first day was rough; I cried a lot, you did not. I have been back 3 weeks now and we are slowly getting into a groove, I wouldn’t say that I love the groove but it is what it is (you will hate that saying when you are older and I use it instead of giving you an answer). You really like daycare, especially your morning teacher Miss Lauren, every time I say her name and when we get there and you hear her, you grin (do I sound jealous?).  I have no anxiety about dropping you off anymore, everyone there eats you up and you are always happy and content when I pick you up. We still have not mastered any sort of day to day schedule yet but our nights follow the same basic routine, one out of two isn’t bad. In the last week you have gone from a 9:00pm bedtime to a 7-7:30 sometimes 8pm bedtime, you are getting tired! I usually take you upstairs, change you and put you in your jammies, then we sit in the rocking chair and I give you a BIG bottle (6 oz, the actually bottle holds 9 or 10 and is bigger than your head), I talk to you and sometimes sing (you will hate that when you are old enough to know better too) and then just rock while you eat, you burp (like Bugs), we rock a little more and then I put you down. You are usually awake but sleepy when I put you down and you get yourself to bed soon after. I have read in all the blogs, books, magazines, etc this is what we are supposed to do and it will help whenever we made any other bedtime transitions (fingers crossed). You are only up once now anytime between 1am-330pm and then back to bed (sometimes) until 6ish. The back to bed part you used to be so great at but now it’s a struggle, last week one night we were up from 2:30am on and then the next day it was 4:30am on, then we had 2 great nights and then last night you lost your mind from 3:30am-4:30am. "
What I want to add today is that you are now sleeping in your own room and YOU ROLL OVER (from stomach to back). You did it on Saturday while Bugs was watching you and she got it on video, your dad and i watch it over and over, you have since done it for us, Nony and daycare. Truly amazing.

Monday, July 8, 2013

July Fourth

Mark had to work 9:00am-6:00pm on the 4th (BOO!) Sawyer and I headed to the pool. My little brother (Mike) lives in an apartment complex that has a pool that is always empty and somewhat shady so it was perfect. We met my little sister (Bugs) and my mom there and spent the afternoon swimming, sunning and napping (at least Sawyer did). After the pool Sawyer and I went to visit Mark at work and almost made it home without hitting a HUGE storm, luckily I had a towel I could cover the car seat with or our little guy would have been soaked all over again. I made hamburger steak for dinner and we just hung out and tried keeping the pups from barking while people in the area set off fireworks until god knows when…..I am all about fireworks but please stop at 10:00pm so we can sleep!


Bugs and Sawyer

First dip in the pool
Enjoying a nap in the sun

Working for the weekend

We had a BUSY and GREAT week/weekend! Wednesday July 3rd is my MIL’s birthday, she attended Sawyer’s daycare parade and took pics for Mark and I (we were both working), then she brought little man home. Mark and I both got home from work around 5 and hung at the house until 6:15ish and headed to McHales where we met up with Erin and Ashley (SIL and niece) for dinner to celebrate my MIL’s birthday.  
Close up from the parade
Walking in the parade

See July 4th post for Thursdays doings.

Sawyer’s weekend started early because he played hooky from daycare on Friday. Erin (SIL) took the week off and asked to spend the day with him. She came over at 7:30am and headed out after we got home from work about 5:00pm. She sent us pictures and videos of him throughout the day, it was wonderful, I think he had a great time and he slept really well that night! Bugs joined us Friday night for dinner and spent the night, it was a huge help because mark and I were tasked with cleaning the house Saturday so she entertained Sawyer (maybe it was the other way around).

Saturday we dusted vacuumed, scrubbed, etc. the entire downstairs and gave the pups a bath too. We rewarded ourselves with dinner that night and went to our favorite chinese restaurant with my parents, Sawyer was fascinated by their aquarium.

I did not feel rewarded on Sunday when I woke up feeling hung over (I drank a Shirley Temple at dinner), it was awful, the feeling didn’t pass until about dinner time (headache, lethargy, stomach ache, etc.). My mom claims it’s the MSG, who knows?! I “toughed” it out and ran errands then did all the laundry while Mark grocery shopped and steam cleaned one of our couches. I hate cleaning but I don’t mind when I have someone to do it with or at least talk to while I am doing it. We then spent the rest of the afternoon in bed with sawyer and the pups taking pictures, watching Oprah’s Next Chapter and just relaxing. We met my family for dinner at Brick Tops to celebrate my mom’s birthday (officially it’s Tuesday but my dad will be out of town). We didn’t make it out of the restaurant without getting poured on.
Sawyer and Nony P at dinner


Mark works in retail so he only gets one weekend off a month so we always try to spend the whole weekend together working at the house, relaxing, and/or both. Laying on the couch after we got home from dinner and put Sawyer to bed I told Mark that even though we worked around the house most of the weekend I still had such a great time and he responded that is was because we felt like a family. He is right, now that I am back at work we will only have 3 days a month where all 3 of us can be together so we have to make the most out of it!
Family selfie
Looking forward to a BIG week ahead. We have family swinging through Charlotte on Wednesday night and they are going to come for dinner then I am getting my wisdom teeth pulled Friday morning, Mike will be babysitting me all day on Friday and then Bugs will be watching me and Sawyer Saturday and Sunday. Mark is off on Sunday so I hope I am feeling better and its sunny out so maybe we can have a family day at the pool!

And last but not least….LADY ADAMS IS DUE ON THE 11TH, we are patiently awaiting her arrival!!!


Sawyer is 3 months old!

Friday, June 21, 2013

These are the days of our lives

My schedule after work:

Leave work 415

Pick up sawyer 430

Bring sawyer inside 450

Let the dogs out 455-500

Empty car 456

Pump 15 minutes 5-515

Wash all bottles/pump items from the day 515-530

Let dogs out again 530-545

Put away clean dishes from night before/clear all kitchen counter space 545-600

Hang with sawyer/manage pups 6-630

Nurse 630-7

Make dinner 7-730

Feed pups 730

Eat dinner 730-745

Clean up from dinner/Mark comes home 745-800

Bathe sawyer 8-815

Nurse 815-845

Put sawyer to bed 845-930

Pump 930-945

Clean bottles from pumping 945-10

Make bottles for next day 945-10

Make lunch for next day 945-10

Try to stay up for an hour or so to spend time with mark 10-1030

Bed 1030-2

Nurse 2-245

Bed 3-6

At some point in here i also try to take a shower and lay out clothes for the next day.
Wake up and do it all over again….
I need a better schedule. One in which I can excersise, have some me time, sit down and put my feet up for a little bit, clean house, etc. suggestions are welcome!

1 week down 1,872 to go…

Today is FRIDAY!  I made it…barely. This morning on my way to work, I actually was falling asleep at the wheel and had to pull over and park for a few minutes. Exhausted is an understatement.

When I was home, only getting 4-5 hours of sleep a night (broken up into two-three stretches) was no big deal because I could nap during the day if I wanted to (which I never did, but regret now) and I could stay in bed later in the morning and do nothing all day, but now that I am back at work 4-5 hours is brutal.

I am hoping within the next month we (sawyer, mark and myself) will have a routine down which will allow me more like 6-8 hours of sleep a night, even if it’s broken up into 2-3 stretches, it’s better than 4-5 hours.

someone obviously has no issues napping

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Breastfeeding (title really jumps out and makes you want to read, right?)

It’s a lot of work…

When I was home I felt like I could only be away from the house for a few hours at a time and I am being generous using “few” vs. “couple”.   Sawyer eats every 3ish hours with usually one longer stretch during the day (4-5 hours)  and one longer stretch during the night (4-5 hours) , nursing takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on his mood/motivation and I am really only comfortable doing it at my house in the chair and a half or glider.

When stating a child eats every 3 hours, that is from the start of the 3 hours, so if he eats for 45 minutes, then you burp him and make sure he is content, feeding will start again in about 1.5-2 hours. I have heard and read that as a child gets older and is more comfortable with nursing they get “better” at it, meaning what used to be a 45 minute nursing session could be 15-20 minutes….when is this supposed to happen? Does this actually happen?

There are times where I know he would just go on and on if I allowed it but I have to cut him off and then I feel bad and I am concerned he is not getting enough food. I love the idea of bottle feeding because I know exactly how much he is eating but when I pump it is very inconsistent how much I am going to get. Sometimes there is 4 hours from one pump to the next with no breastfeeding in between and I will get 4 ounces and sometimes I will get 1 ounce…what is with that? Sometimes I get so angry at my body for not cooperating, why can’t Ijust produce 3-4 ounces every time I pump?! It makes me wonder if I was breastfeeding instead of pumping he would only get an ounce…is that possible?

I have so many questions and I feel like lactation consultants and the internet never provide me with an answer, general responses are “your body makes what it needs to make, its supply and demand” or better yet, “let the baby guide you”…my response “ he is a baby, what does he know? He would stay on the boob all day if I let him, doesn’t mean he is hungry or actually eating?!

 I will do my best to continue breastfeeding for the first year of Sawyer’s life because its FREE and the “BEST” option for him (I put that in quotes because I know that is what we read but I honestly believe that in this day and age formula is probably just as good AND I think that sometimes what is best for mom and family sanity is best for baby too).

Ahhhh , am I alone?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy Father's Day


Back to life, back to reality

I went back to work yesterday and Sawyer had his first day at daycare. The morning started at 5:22am when Sawyer woke up, I fed him, changed him and dressed him for his big day. He was happy to lay back down in the pack and play and make noise while Mark and I got ready. I then brushed my teeth, washed my face, put makeup on (for the 5th time since April 6, 2013), got dressed and headed downstairs. I packed the car with my work bag, lunch box and Sawyer’s daycare bag, let the dogs out (they were very confused why I was waking them up so early and letting them out) and we headed on our way. I cried the whole way to daycare, most of the time we were inside and my whole way to work, not to mention the 10 minutes I sat in my car sobbing before actually walking into work. I know he was going to be fine, obviously we love the daycare or we wouldn’t have chosen it but it was still hard and very sad. While I sit at my desk (still have not geared up to a full case load and I am killing some time before clocking out at 4:15pm) it makes me teary eyed….

I picked him up after work and they told me he was great, happy and had no issues (I think since it was his first day, even if he was fussy, crying, etc. I would want them to tell me he was great). He took 3 naps, one for 5 minute, one for 15 minutes and one for 2 hours and 40 minutes, needless to say I thought he would go home, eat and crash…not quite. We went home and let the dogs out, unpacked the car, changed into comfy clothes and checked the mail, I fed him and he was sleepy so I put him in his swing, he slept there for about 15 minutes but then sat quietly for another 30 while I cleaned the kitchen and unloaded the dishwasher. He began to get fussy around 6:15pm and so I held him, rocked him, talked to him and let him have his paci, he went in and out of sleepiness so I decided to feed him again at 7:30pm hoping it would put him to sleep, I was right but it did not last, he was back up and going around 8:15pm, we sat, rocked, etc. until about 9:00pm and when at this point he seemed wide awake I took him down to the swing so I could shower. When I got out of shower it was about 9:30pm and he was almost asleep in the swing, I took him out, he woke up, I fed him about 10 minutes on both sides, changed him and put him down…finally he was asleep at 10:00pm….luckily he slept until 3:40am, he ate and was back asleep at 4:11am but wouldn’t you know he was up and ready to roll at 5:22am (again!), I on the other hand was not so I picked him up, laid him on my chest, gave him his paci and he was back to sleep in no time. I got him up at 6:00am, fed him and handed him over to Mark. Our plan is for Mark to bring him to daycare daily between 8-8:30am except for the days he has off during the week (so he can sleep in), those days I will bring him around 7:30am. I will pick him up daily at 4:30pm, except on Mark’s days off, he will pick up whenever and I will have the afternoon for the gym, errands, etc.

I am hoping today/tonight will be better and I can feed him, bathe him and get him to bed by 9:00pm…fingers crossed! I am really hopeful that daycare will help with getting him on a schedule and getting closer to him sleeping through the night, or at least 5-6 hour stretches consistently so that I can too.
I am so thankful for to all my family and friends who wrote on my FB wall, texted and called me yesterday with words of encouragement, LOVE!

Weekend review (part 2)

3 weeks late…

Saturday we packed up and headed to CT to my sister’s MIL’s house, where her and her 2 daughters were  hard at work getting everything perfect for Kel’s arrival. The shower was great; it was Mike’s family, our family and a few close family friends. She received so many amazing gifts, I cannot believe how well dressed her little lady will be. The shower winded down between  4-5 and we stayed to clean up, Sawyer was very tired but unable to get himself any rest so by that time he had just had it. We were spending the night at the Fieldings, just two towns and 15 minutes away, he cried screamed the whole way there and until about 930pm, he finally went to bed around 11:30pm and we were up promptly at 6ish. Kel and Mike came over for breakfast (French toast, yum!) and coffee and then we headed to south jersey to visit my dad’s side. We stayed with my Aunt Maureen, she had a nice spread out and some aunts, cousins and grandma came over, we sat around the table and talked and ate. I was able to meet my cousin’s son who is 10 months old, I cannot believe how quickly babies grow and that sawyer will be there in 8 months! Sunday night Sawyer refused to sleep and I think we both only got about an hour or two. Monday was another travel day and he was perfect, slept the entire flight home.

I was glad to be home, excited to see mark and thankful that the traveling was all over!

This is how we "slept" on Sunday night

Grandma Kitty meeting Sawyer, he is her 2nd great grand child

Katie, Kate, Mike, Kel, Me & Sawyer, Mary

Mom's side of the family

Friday, June 7, 2013

Update to "the list"

When I started this blog over 2 years ago below was the list I made about the things I wanted to accomplish prior to turning 30.  I updated it in March 2012 (turned 30 in May 2012), with each passing year and the changes to our lives the list will need some updating.

  1. Dress for my body type
  2. Get a hair style
  3. Lose 30 pounds
  4. Learn about mother/parenthood
  5. Learn to like gardening
  6. Home d├ęcor/organization
  7. Keep my house clean
  8. Stay up until 11 and not be tired in the morning
  9. Ride my bike I have been riding the stationary bike we bought!
  10. Have patience
  11. Cook
  12. Coupon
  13. Bake
  14. Menu plan
  15. Grammer
  16. Stop swearing
  17. Minimize road rage
  18. Wake up without being sleepy
  19. Be crafty...do more DIY projects
First things first, since becoming a parent I have realized completing anything is harder and slower so I need to set fewer and more realistic goals.

1. Workout at least 3 times a week
2. Cut down on my swearing
3. Minimize road rage
4. Lose 50 pounds by the time Sawyer is 2
5. Complete one house project annually
6. Keep house clean/organized with one deep clean a month
7. Read to Sawyer everyday
8. Reach our savings goal by the time Sawyer is 2
9. Be crafty...do more DIY projects

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Weekend review (Part one)

Sawyer and I (and my mom and Bugs) headed north this past weekend to celebrate Kel, Mike and Lady Adams’ upcoming arrival. We flew into Newark on Thursday and spent the night at Kel and Mike’s new condo in Hoboken.

I was super nervous about breastfeeding in public and people being annoyed by me and all the “stuff” I had to go through security with but we were lucky and the airport was not that crowded and we got through security without a hitch and I had Bugs help me with coverage. Sawyer’s first plane ride was a success! He slept in the airport until we boarded and then I was able to breast feed him for the first half of flight, he was then full and happy the remainder of the trip. We only had a small hiccup…instead of getting off place, boarding tram to baggage and picking up our checked bags, we went straight to the rental car place. Thankfully as we were walking into Hertz I said, “shouldn’t we have picked up our bags first?” we all laughed and had to go all the back to baggage, which meant getting on and off the tram 4 times with a hungry baby. It would have been much worse to have arrived in Hoboken and realized we did not have our luggage!

Aunt Maria and Aunt Jeanne met us in Hoboken to have dinner. The condo is beautiful and Hoboken is a really cool town. Kel had to work on Friday so we took our time waking up and getting moving on Friday morning before heading to Mahwah for lunch at Aunt Jeanne’s. She got us boxed lunched from Panera and we sat outside in her garden eating and catching up, we were joined by my mom’s best friend from growing up, Debbie, she and my Aunt Jeanne have become close over the past few years.

After lunch we packed up and headed into Ho-Ho-Kus to the Russo’s. Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Louis, and Chris and Charlie joined us for an amazing dinner. Marcus was fascinated by Sawyer and it was hilarious watching him hold Sawyer and freak out every time he farted because he thought he was getting pooped on!

Kel let me borrow some items she had received at her showers so me and Sawyer were comfortable on the trip.

Aunt Maria, Me, Chris and Sawyer, Aunt Carolyn

Aunt Jeanne meeting Sawyer for the first time

Sawyer enjoying Lady Adams’ Boppy Lounger

Sleeping in Lady Adams’s Rock N Play Sleeper outside in Aunt Jeanne’s garden

Me and Sawyer on the plane

Marcus and Sawyer

Aunt Jeanne and Sawyer
Sawyer enjoying a bath in Lady Adams’ tub (since he had a blow out!)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

One month


You are one month old. I cannot believe how quickly time has flown by. I am at home with you and enjoying every minute of it. Most days we take walks, watch tv, read, run errands, do laundry, clean and relax.  You nap....a LOT! Some days I spend hours in a chair just holding and staring at you.You have already grown so much and there are clothes that no longer fit. You have amazing head/neck control for your age and each week you have more and more awake times.  When you are awake, you are very alert, your eyes are open and you check out everything, especially lights and fans. You make this face, your dad and I call "the Bill Cosby" when you are waking up, it's my favorite. I can't wait to watch you grow and see your personality come out but at the same time I want to keep you a baby forever.

You are eating well, every 3 hours. You sleep a lot. You have a witching hour (8:00am-11:00am and 5:00pm-7:00pm) when you are unhappy and nothing helps, its not everyday. You sleep on walks and in the car but as you get older you tend to be more alert during those activities. You don't mind the bath but are not always a fan of being changed. You have peed on me and your dad and last night your dad got more than he bargained for when holding you (your third blowout in 3 days).  You don't mind the pups barks or kisses.

I could go on and on.....we love you so much!


The more the merrier

Just a shout out to all those who have visited us: Shomates, Perrys, Rebecca, Grant, Natalie, Taylor, Lauren, Caroline, Tara, April, Finlay, April, Kellan, Tommy, Leslie, Chris, Megan, Mark, Carrie, Rachel, Patrick, Hailey, Kristen, Ben, Candice, Shannon, Katie and Emma. 

We have had a few outings, brunch with the LKN ZTA and coffee and bagels with the Brightons. 

Some upcoming visits we have scheduled are Nicole and Alan, Che, the Shue girls, and Jenny and Michelle.

We have enjoyed and appreciated all the people who have come to see us and everyone who provided us with meals.

Weekend review

This weekend we had a lot to celebrate. Mike (brother) graduating from his masters program, mother's day and my birthday (31). Our weekend started on Thursday night when Bugs and Izzie spent the night. Kelly flew in early on Friday morning and after picking her up from the airport we (Bugs, Kel, Sawyer and I) all headed over to St. Patricks for show and tell (we were the show), the kids loved us! They were all able to come over and look at Sawyer and ask us questions, things they wanted to know: where we were born, where we we baptised, how old are we, etc. We then met up with P at the mall and had eye treatments at the Estee Lauder counter (she had a coupon). Mike (BIL) arrived around 5:30pm and we picked him up from airport before heading to dinner at Portofinos.

Saturday we got mani/pedis, took a walk, relaxed and all had dinner at our house, the boys golfed and Bugs went to Beer, Bourben and BBQ. On Sunday, Mark made us all breakfast and we relaxed at home until late afternoon and then all headed over to P & B's for dinner. We had some extra "family" at dinner, Bugs' roommate Megan (we share a birthday), Chris and Leslie (Mike's roommate).

It was so great seeing Kel and Mike interact with Sawyer, they are going to be GREAT parents.  We are all so excited for the arrival of Baby Adams in July.


Here are some of my favorites from Sawyer's newborn photo shoot (all pictures are by Shannon Wilfong Photography: http://shannonwilfongphotography.com/)

The stink eye

Eeyore, thanks Bugs!

This is my favorite :)

Thank you Shannon!