Sunday, December 30, 2012


Mark and I will be interviewing day cares on Thursday, any suggestions of questions to ask, things to look for? Here are some I pulled off the internet...

At a Day Care Center

Do caregivers have first-aid/CPR and child development training?
Is each child assigned to a primary caregiver?
How many children do you serve, and what are their ages?
What is the range of activities in which the children participate?
How large is the center? (There should be 35 square feet per child in order for each child to have enough room to play comfortably.)
Is the center licensed?
What happens if I need to bring my child early or pick him up late?
Do you let kids attend if they're not potty-trained or if they have a runny nose or a cough?
How do you discipline kids?
Is there an outside play area? Do kids use it every day?
Do you ever take children on outings off-site?
Will I be charged if I take a vacation or my child is sick?

Family Day Care

How long have you been providing care?
Do you have first-aid/CPR and child development training?
Do you have a current state license or registration?
How many children do you care for? What are their ages?
Do you care for the same group of kids every day?
What is a typical day like for the children? How much time do they spend outside?
What meals and supplies do I need to provide?
Can I drop my child off early or pick him up late sometimes?
What happens if you are ill?
If my child gets sick, would you give him medication?
If my child misses a day, do I still have to pay?
Do you let children watch TV?

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