Thursday, November 1, 2012


Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! I love to dress up and I plan my costumes months in advance. I do not subscribe to the thought that Halloween is the one day a year a girl can dress as a slut and get "away" with it, I go more for the laughs. We usually host an annual Halloween party but last weekend i was out of town and this weekend Mark is working, hopefully next year we can get back on track.

Another reason Halloween is my favorite holiday is because of all the kids dressed up, so needless to say I was pretty disappointed when we only had 20 or so kids and some were not even dressed up. I don't understands parents allowing their children to go trick or treating and not making them dress up, its Halloween people not giveaway candy day. also, all these kids in our neighborhood were driving from house to house, really, how lazy are you?

Enough complaining.

Thank you to my friends who sent me pictures of their adorable kids in their costumes. I was also excited yesterday to get to see Lucas on his first birthday! Check him out in his new car.

Mark and I went to trivia last night, I went as Meg from Family Guy and Mark and Walter from The Big Lebowski. We are looking forward to a Halloween party this weekend. I  have a different costume for the party and will post pictures later.

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