Saturday, November 3, 2012

16 week update

My what to expect app told me that during week 16 my uterus would not be the only thing that would swell my mucous membranes in my nose would also, causing congestion and possible nosebleeds. Wouldn't you know but I woke up last week with a stuffy and bloody nose.

I am going to borrow steal my friend April's pregnancy update format, thanks!

 Baby's size: Turnip
Sleep: Bed by 10:00pm, and I am getting up 3-4 times a night to pee.
Maternity Clothes:  My clothes are too small and maternity clothes are too big so I stick with dresses, boots and sometimes tights when I am feeling adventurous.
Food cravings: Nothing really
Food aversions: When I'm done, I'm done but I am eating anything
Symptoms:  I am itchy all over!
Doctor’s Appointment: I have Metabolic syndrome and have taken Metformin for years, my doctor took me off of it a month ago at my last office visit and I am taking a sugar test on Thursday so we can see how everything is going, wish me luck.
Gender: TBD April 2013
Movement:  None, when will this happen?
Belly Button: Nothing has changed yet but reading April's posts about this scares me, ha!
What I’m looking forward to: Showing, getting to the point where my belly says "baby" and not "fat"
What I miss: Sushi, beer, sleeping through the night

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  1. You should start to feel the baby in the next couple of weeks. Usually it takes longer to realize that is what you are feeling in your first pregnancy.