Sunday, October 7, 2012

What the F is up with my face?

I have never had an issue with allergies to products or acne, but right now my face it JACKED up! Last week I bought Target brand make up wipes, I used them daily before showering and washing my face with face wash because I never feel like face wash gets all the mascara off. Starting on Wednesday I noticed my face was a little bumpier that usual and I had a weird numbness around my eyes, Thursday I had bumps across my forehead and around both eyes, Friday the same but worse and by Saturday I had bright red, dry, itchy patches all across my forehead and around both eyes and covering my eyelids. I also had three brand new huge pimples on my chin. I stopped using the wipes on Wednesday and as of yesterday I was using prescription strength lotion I got from my doctor when I had a dry spot on my wedding ring finger a few years ago on my eyes and forehead, today I bought some acne stuff to put on my face also.

I have never felt so ugly and uncomfortable. Mark says I am being ridiculous and I’m sure he is right but right now I cannot see beyond the grossness that is my face!


  1. So, for eye make up try Ponds Cold Cream. Then wash your face as you normally would. I'm sorry you're feeling this way! I hate that for you, but can definitely empathize as my skin has been horrible for the past few months - bleh!

  2. Thanks Katie, I stopped at Target on my way home from work and picked up some Ponds!