Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sweet relief 9.20.2012

Mark and I searched the internet to find suggestions of fun ways to tell our family and friends. We decided on a picture frame to put the ultrasound in with the caption “Coming Soon” we bought one for my parents and one for his parents.

My parents headed to Utah on the 13th and got back on the 18th. We wanted to tell them (and my siblings) once they got back so I suggested dinner at one of our favorite spots for Tuesday night. My mom told me she thought they would be too tired after traveling all day to do dinner, so then I suggested we pick up pizza and meet at their house for dinner once they get it, she agreed to that. Tuesday night, Mark and I picked up 3 large pizzas and headed to my parents, Mike, his roommate Chris (honorary family member) and Kate met us there. We gave my dad the wrapped picture frame when we came in and told him it was part of his birthday present, just wasn’t ready last week. Everyone was hungry so dug right in. While we were cleaning up from dinner, Kate said “Dad, why don’t you open your gift?” he agreed and went to the island to pick it up. Mark and I both watched as he opened it and since he did not have his glasses on my mom was able to figure it out before he did. My mom admitted before we got there she told Kate she thought maybe we had something to tell them since I was strangely persistent about dinner, especially since we had all gotten together one week earlier. We called Kelly and Mike and filled them in too! My family was ecstatic. Anyone remember my dad mentioning he couldn’t wait to be a grandfather 4 years ago during his speech at my wedding?

When Mark invited his parents over for dinner, they agreed but his mom asked, “What’s the occasion?” Either way they agreed and Wednesday night we had them over for dinner. While everything was cooking, Mark presented his mom with the wrapped picture frame, he told her it was for all the help they had given us in the last few weeks with the car (we have had major car issues). She opened it and I thought Erin, Brad and Ashley could hear her excitement all the way from SC. Mark’s mom has been even more talkative about us starting a family than even my dad! Judy also said on her way over she told Dick she thought something was up. I guess Mark and I really need to make dinner plans with our parents more often. We called the Jacksons and told them the news and Ashley is very excited about having a cousin.

It was so great to share the news with our families. We have decided to keep the news within the family until after our ultrasound scheduled for October 10th. I think Judy and my dad are sad that couldn’t take out a 30 second commercial during tonight’s game to spread the news but they will live.

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