Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shouting from the roof tops 10.11.2012

I’M PREGNANT….there I said it, ha. Mark and I have told a few people along the way but mostly kept it to ourselves/family. As of today we are officially “spreading the good news.”
Only “problem” is I am a little uncomfortable actually telling people. I am not a big fan of being the center of attention and so it seems strange to tell people, when during the conversation do you bring it up? How do you bring it up? Do I call all of my friends? What do I do.

There are definitely a group of people that I would love to share the news with and I think I have figured out a way, mass email. Even when I write it, it sounds bad. But if I come up with a cute email, I think it won’t be too tacky. I am just not a huge fan of making an announcement via FB because I have friends, acquaintances and then FB friends. I want my friends to hear it from me directly (or directly via email).

I didn’t have to worry about telling my family, my parents covered that and I am thankful!

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