Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Race for the Cure 10.6.2012

Each year, the Lake Norman ZTA Alumnae sponsor a team in the Charlotte Race for the Cure.  Through the years, our small chapter has raised thousands of dollars to help educate women about their risks, and to hopefully find a cure for breast cancer.

This year, breast cancer hit a little too close to home, one of our member's best friends, Meg, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 38 - while she was also pregnant with her 3rd child.  She had to have multiple procedures, ending in a single mastectomy & chemotherapy - all while she was still pregnant.  Although she is still a new survivor, she has already done so much for the cause - including serving as the Honorary Survivor in the Valdosta, GA "Relay for Life"!  Cancer patients looked to Meg as a symbol of hope - waiting for her AND her child to survive.  I'm happy to say that mommy AND 6 week old baby Isabella "Hope" Booth are both surviving and doing well!
Sadly I could not kick my nausea and vomiting this morning until about 1130ish and was unable to walking in the Race for the Cure with the rest of the LKN ZTA Alum, Meg and Hope. I enjoy the race because it is thousands of people getting together for the same cause: men, woman, children, dogs, etc. My favorite part of the day is watching survivors cross the finish line.

Thank you to everyone who donated: Uncle Louis and Aunt Carolyn, Mom and Dad, Kel and Mike, Kate, Rosie, Jenna, Meredith and Zach, Chris and Charlie, and one anonymous donation.

I just read that 17,000 people participated in yesterday’s race, that is amazing!

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