Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Curiosity killed the ? 9.3.2012

I cracked. I know nothing about being pregnant or having children, that became apparent after my internet exploring. I went to a website that allowed me to enter the first day of my last period (which I will tell you took a lot of thinking and looking back at my phone calendar trying to figure it out) and came up with my due date (April 20, 2013), how far along I am (7 weeks and 2 days).

The only thing I can say with complete confidence after all the "research" is: people who post on baby websites are CRAZY.

To anyone reading who has kids or is pregnant: should I be reading and learning? Are you? Or should I just stay away from the internet/books and ask people who have actually had kids my questions.

I think my biggest dilemma is...I don’t really know what I need to know.  I just assume since I am pregnant and starting a whole new phase of life, I should be learning. Where do I start? What do I "need" to know? What do I want to know?

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