Saturday, September 1, 2012

Summer in review

Oak Island: June 8-10
My girlfriend Rachel invited me to celebrate her bachelorette in Oak Island. We had a great time and met some local celebrities. I have never been to Oak Island but I look forward to going back.

Andrea, Rachel, Lori, Krista, Amy

Charlotte: June 15
Mark and I also hosted a wedding shower for Alan and Nicole.

Ireland: June 20-July 1
See previous blog post

We were home all month but it was been busy. I went to the lake on the 4th  (Mark had to work), we celebrated P’s birthday on the 9th, I took a day trip to Durham 21st to see some old friends, and on the 28th, I went to a baby shower and a 1 year olds birthday party.

East Jordan, Michigan: August 2-5
Alan and Nicole’s wedding weekend in picturesque Lake Charlevoix. We ate, drank, danced, swam, rode Jet Ski’s, and watched two amazing people join their lives together forever!


New London, New Hampshire (TLV): August 10-18
I rode up with my parents; we left Friday around 6:00am and arrived in NJ at 5:00pm. Had dinner and drinks with a few relatives and then made the rest of the trip Saturday morning at 7:00am, arriving at TLV around 1:30pm. I stayed the whole week and flew home Saturday. It was a great time but I really missed Mark, who was home working and taking care of the pups.

Rocking chairs on the front porch of the Villa
Sunset at the picnic
My favorite view

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