Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our puppies

We got Opie in August of 2010 at 9 weeks old. We had talked about getting a dog and discussed different breeds we were interested in, went back and forth on rescue versus getting a puppy from a breeder, etc. While on our annual week long vacation in New Hampshire last august, my brother, who is a first grade teacher (and not on vacation because school here starts so early!) texted me a picture of a few puppies that the maintenance man at his school was giving away to a good home. We flew back into Charlotte on Thursday around 5:00pm, (early, because I was in a wedding that Saturday with the rehearsal dinner on Friday) met Opie and 2 of his brother’s in a Target parking lot and fell in love and took him home right then and there without even a leash.  We promptly went across the street to PetSmart and got the essentials and convinced Mark’s parents to watch him the next two days while we participated in the wedding activities. Opie is gentle, loving, smart and obedient, he loves to kiss and snuggle (his prefers little spoon); he has been a great puppy (no biting or chewing). I always said “I will never sleep with a dog in my bed” and “I don’t want dogs on my couch”, Opie spent the first 6 months bundled up at my feet every night and I regularly lose my spot on the couch if I get up for a bathroom break or to get dessert.

One Monday night in February while taking Opie to PetSmart for puppy class, we met Jax; he was born November 16, 2011, and was found living outside in the middle of winter.  I fell in love with his cute little face and “convinced” Mark to bring him home with us…that night! When I say “convinced” imagine me holding 10 pound Jax in front of Mark saying “Isn’t he so cute, can we take him home?” and his response, “If that’s what you want, sure.” The first few weeks were a little rough but Opie and Jax became fast friends and now they are brothers.  Jax has been a little been more difficult of a puppy than Opie was. He is mischievous, goofy, stubborn and playful. Jax has brought out a fun and playful side to Opie and its hilarious to watch the two of them interact. We have loved (almost) every minute of having 2 dogs.

My little sister pointed out to me a few months ago, that I am like those annoying parents who take pictures and post about their kids all the time. I promise to try to keep my stories entertaining.

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