Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My very first blog post

This was written about 3 weeks ago but I have been having some technical difficulties and am just not getting around to posting this...

“Why did you start a blog and what’s it about?” Mark asked me that today while making dinner (he was making dinner, I was typing). It seems like everyone is reading and writing blogs and until a week ago, I wasn’t doing either. I posted on Facebook, “What’s your favorite blog?” and got an overwhelming response from friends with their favorites. I spent the last week checking out each and every one of their suggestions and decided that I wanted to start writing a blog. So, here we are.

I figured what better way to expand my mind and interests than read information on a lot of different subjects from people who are living it everyday (an not getting paid to write about it).My sudden interest in blogs is part of why I decided to write one. The countdown to 30 is on; May 12, 2012.  I have a “bucket list” of sorts, things I want to do, subjects I want to learn more about, things I hope to be better at, etc. before I turn 30. The list is both realistic and completely irrational.  This blog is going to be my journey through them all. I am hoping to get some clarity from writing, and great ideas and encouragement from readers.

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